Adding Symmetry Reduction to Uppaal

M. Hendriks, G. Behrmann, K.G. Larsen, P. Niebert, and F.W. Vaandrager.
Adding Symmetry Reduction to Uppaal.
In K.G. Larsen and P. Niebert, editors. Proceedings First International Workshop on Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed Systems (FORMATS 2003), September 6-7 2003, Marseille, France. LNCS 2791, pages 46-59. Springer Verlag, 2004.
Full version available as Technical Report NIII-R0407, NIII, University of Nijmegen, February 2004.


We describe a prototype extension of the real-time model checking tool Uppaal with symmetry reduction. The symmetric data type scalarset, which is also used in the Murphi model checker, was added to Uppaal's system description language to support the easy static detection of symmetries. Our prototype tool uses state swaps, described and proven sound earlier by Hendriks, to reduce the space and memory consumption of Uppaal. For all examples that we experimented with (both academic toy examples and industrial cases), we obtained a drastic reduction of both computation time and memory usage, exponential in the size of the scalar sets used.

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