Splitting Semantics

R.J. van Glabbeek and F.W. Vaandrager. The difference between splitting in n and n+1. Information and Computation, 136(2):109-142, August 1997. An extended abstract appeared in: E. Best and G. Rozenberg, editors, Proceedings 3rd Workshop on Concurrency and Compositionality, Goslar, GMD-Studien Nr. 191, pages 117-121. Universitaet Hildesheim, 1991.


It is established that durational and structural aspects of actions can in general not be modeled in interleaving semantics, even when time-consuming actions are represented by pairs of instantaneous actions denoting their start and finish. By means of a series of counterexamples it is shown that, for any n, it makes a difference whether actions are split in n or in n+1 parts.

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