A First Introduction to Uppaal

F.W. Vaandrager. A First Introduction to Uppaal. In J. Tretmans, editor. Quasimodo Handbook. To appear.


This chapter provides a first introduction to the use of the model checking tool Uppaal. Uppaal is an integrated tool environment that allows users to model the behavior of systems in terms of states and transitions between states, and to simulate and analyze the resulting models. Uppaal can also handle real-time issues, that is, the timing of transitions. Using an example of a jobshop, we explain in a step by step manner how one can make a simple Uppaal model, simulate its behavior and analyze properties. This introduction is targeted at a broad audience, ranging from high school students to software engineers and researchers. We only require elementary knowledge of programming and mathematics. Although a rich theory of model checking has been developed over the last decades, which includes both clever algorithms and deep mathematics, this introduction focuses entirely on the application of model checking technology, and hides the underlying mathematics from the reader.

Chapter and Uppaal models

chapter (pdf)
Uppaal model gossip.xml
Uppaal query file gossip.q
Uppaal model Jobshop0.xml
Uppaal model Jobshop1.xml
Uppaal model Jobshop2.xml
Uppaal model JobshopP.xml
Uppaal query file Jobshop.q