Distributed Model Checking

G. Behrmann, T. Hune and F.W. Vaandrager. Distributed Timed Model Checking - How the Search Order Matters. In E.A. Emerson and A.P. Sistla, editors. Proceedings CAV'2000, Chicago, July 2000. LNCS 1855, pages 216-231. Springer-Verlag, 2000. DOI 10.1007/10722167


In this paper we address the problem of distributing model checking of timed automata. We demonstrate through four real life examples that the combined processing and memory resources of multi-processor computers can be effectively utilized. The approach assumes a distributed memory model and is applied to both a network of workstations and a symmetric multiprocessor machine. However, certain unexpected phenomena have to be taken into account. We show how in the timed case the search order of the state space is crucial for the effectiveness and scalability of the exploration. An effective heuristic to counter the effect of the search order is provided. Some of the results open up for improvements in the single processor case.