A Formal Analysis of A Car Periphery Supervision System

B. Gebremichael, T. Krilavicius and Y.S. Usenko
in J. Zaytoon, V. Carre-Menetrier, C. Cassandras and X. Cao editors. Seventh International Workshop on Discrete Event Systems (WODES 2004). September 22-24, 2004, Reims, France. © Elsevier Science Ltd 2006. Also available as Technical Report NIII-R0418, NIII, University of Nijmegen.


This paper presents a formal model of the real-time service allocation unit for the Car Periphery Supervision (CPS) system---a case study proposed by Robert Bosch GmbH in the context of the EU IST project AMETIST. The CPS system is a hybrid system, which is modeled in terms of timed automata. It is done by splitting the values of nonlinear continuous variables into finite set of regions and over-approximating the constraints on continuous variables into clock constraints. Safety properties of the resulting timed model have been verified using UPPAAL. This is a sufficient condition for validating the corresponding safety properties of the initial hybrid system. The difference in time scale between the CPS components have also been taken care of by further over-approximating the timed model using the convex-hull over-approximation feature available in UPPAAL.

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Uppaal model and its requirment spec.

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